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Black Chickpeas kababBy adminHow to trick yourself feeling full? Here is an extremely healthy recipe which you can prepare within 30 minutes. Black chickpeas are rich in fiber and inclusion of fiber-rich foods in your diet can greatly contribute to weight loss!
Special SoupBy Shehzil RazaIt is never too hot for a bowl of soup!! This Special Soup is a soup full of flavor. A delicious, spicy blend packed with iron and low in fat to boot. This soup is a blessing for all the weight watchers. We all are watching our weight and this is the perfect thing to calm the hunger down. Its quick, its easy and healthy at the same time.
Palak Boneless HandiBy Shehzil RazaSo being a weight watcher I crave for GOOD FOOD! I do I do I do. ☹ everything that tastes good is so high on calories but guys I came up with this “Palak boneless handi” with a flavor of biryani in it. THAT’S RIGHT GUYS BIRYANI *drools* I will be using only 2 teaspoon oil in this entire handi so yes! You can have it as much as you want without fearing those extra pounds. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.