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Bread PizzaBy AyeshaEasy Bread Pizza Ready In 5 Minutes
Homemade Chicken BurgersBy adminLooking for an easy and quick chicken burger recipe? Whether you want to make chicken burgers for a family gathering, kids party or simply a meal for one, our recipe will be loved by everyone. This is my favorite recipe and you can twist this the way you like. You can grill the patties if you want a low calorie burger. You can add your favorite veggies or toppings.
Bakery Style Chicken Bread Without OvenBy adminWhy rush to bakery for chicken bread? When you can easily make it at home and that even without oven. YES! YES! without oven!! Never tried before? Well here it is; A recipe that includes ingredients that you will easily find on your kitchen shelf. You can twist the recipe with filling of your own choice like vegetables, pizza or cheese. Also you can shape the bread the way you like for example braided, fishtail or round.
Cheesy Chicken Pasta BallsBy adminYou love Pasta? How about turning the creamy pasta into crispy chicken pasta balls? This mouth watering dish can be enjoyed both as a snack and appetizer. It is crispy and cheesy with a distinct pasta flavor that will burst in your mouth. Serve it with different sauces like bbq, mustard, chilli garlic & sweet thai chili which will further enhance the taste. You can also use spaghetti or noodles instead of pasta for this recipe. Also you can use veggies of your own choice.This is a perfect evening or party snack that everyone loves to have. This is one dish your kids will never say NO to!!
Microwave Mug Pizza (Ready in 1 minute)By adminPizza in a mug! Yes you read it right!! This is another easy quick recipe that you can make to calm your taste buds. Mug pizza has all the easy ingredients, that are available on your kitchen shelf followed by an easy method. Here is another plus point YOU DO NOT NEED AN OVEN FOR THIS. Microwave your favourite pizza toppings in mug for one minute and dig into this delicious pizza.
Chicken Tikka Pancake Pizza (Without Yeast and Oven)By adminThis pancake pizza is beyond delightful! You can personalize them with your favorite pizza toppings to satisfy your pizza cravings. The best part is its super light and ready in just few minutes. You don’t have to worry about the dough or bear the long baking time.
Easy Pita Bread Pizza Without OvenBy adminCraving for Pizza? But you don't have the ingredients to make the dough. Here we brings to you a tempting and easy Pizza recipe. Within few minutes you can make these yummy pizzas. With a topping of your choice this pita bread pizza without oven will surely win your heart.