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5 Minutes Vanilla Cake In MicrowaveBy adminVanilla cake ready in just five minutes. Isn’t it amazing to have a cake ready in just minutes? Well it will sound more amazing to you when you will get to know that it requires very few ingredients that is easily available in your kitchen. The 5-minute vanilla cake in microwave is a must-have recipe specially for those moments when you want to have something decadant and you don’t have time or patience to make it.
Chocolate Cold Cake With Biscuits (No Bake)By adminDoes this Chocolate Cold Cake remind you of your happiest childhood moments? My mother used to make it for me and family and all of us loved it. This cake is super easy and uber delicious. Made with biscuits, chocolate syrup and topped with delectable chocolate ganache, this cake is heaven for lazy cooks. You can also add walnuts to it. It’s quick, simple yet yummy at the same time.
Zebra Cake In Microwave ( Ready In 4 minutes)By adminDid we just hear Soft, Fluffy ZEBRA CAKE? What is it? Well it's a perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate that satisfies the urge for both the flavours. In moments when you can’t really decide whether you want Chocolate flavour or Vanilla flavour, this is certainly the best pick. Something you can make out of your kitchen shelf ingredients. Easy and sweet. What more can one ask for! It’s a must try.
5 Ingredients Chocolate Cake Topped With Cadbury Nuts Sauce (No egg, flour, coco powder, oven)By adminIf you have never tried making this, you are missing out on irresistibly delicious cake. With literally just 5 ingredients you can make a fabulous cake. This eggless, flourless cake is an ultimate treat for chocolate lovers. Anyone can easily make this as all you need is one bowl and five ingredients that are always available on your kitchen shelf. You can frost your cake, dust it with powdered sugar, or lightly drizzle it with a glaze before serving according to your choice.
Easy Ice Cream Cake (No Bake)By adminThis easy ice cream cake (No Bake) features a rich chocolate sponge cake rolled with homemade ice cream, drizzled with chocolate ganache.