If you love to cook and looking for tried and tested recipes, you’re in the right place. Welcome to flavornfun.com!!!

Idea Behind This Website:
A simple, hassle -free recipe website with easy, quick and aesthetically appealing recipes you can make any day of the week. Get kitchen tested recipes with easy-to-find ingredients that are simple enough for beginners and still fun for experienced cooks.

The purpose of this website is not to bring unreal artistry pictures and videos of the dishes but to serve you with the best tried and tested recipes something every other person can cook and relate to.

About The Recipes:
After thorough research, we have compiled a collection of tried tested recipes that you will surely love. As quarantine has turned many of us into chefs, our recipes will be a definite treat in this uncertain time. These recipes are mostly from our foodie friends, family, and acquaintances. Some have been creatively adapted from cookery books & TV shows or inspired by other chefs giving them the due credits. Whatever the source is, our website is basically a home for all recipes. We have added a delightful fun to original flavors.

We aren’t professionals or super skilled cooks out there nor do we own super fancy gadgets to document all the videos, picture, etc.

Meet our Team

Areeba Jamal



Hey! I’m Areeba, and I am extremely happy that you found your way here to flavornfun.

During quarantine one of the things that most people are doing is cooking. As you cannot order food online and also doesn’t have house help to cook your favorite recipe, with all this extra time on hands, everyone has turned into master chefs.

I am a food lover and I just love to cook but due to my busy schedule I hardly get time to pursue this passion of mine. Because of Covid-19 and this self-isolation upon us, I thought of utilizing this time in a constructive and healthy way by cooking. Finding a perfect recipe is the most tedious task as it requires spending hours of searching food recipes. Sometimes it is super annoying when the posts on food blogs are written like a novel and take forever to get to the damn recipe. I have done an extensive research on recipes as many recipes turned out fabulous while many were a complete disaster. The purpose of this website is to connect you to tried and tested recipes.

Ambreen Jamal

Ambreen- flavornfun

Co- Founder

As an avid foodie I started my own food blog on Instagram few years ago. I wanted to give myself an outlet for my food love, writing and photography, a place to share my reviews about eateries, a way to help my foodie community in choosing right place to dine out and inspire others to switch to healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. At that time it was more of a hobby but much later it became my passion. I have tried almost all restaurants in Lahore and on my food tasting sessions i used to critically analyse a dish to see if the flavor is created through balanced combinations of complementary foods, seasonings, and cooking techniques. If i felt that a certain dish lacked flavor i used to recreate the dish at home after researching recipes. I am not a chef but i put my heart and soul in bringing a perfect recipe at the tip of your finger. Apart from the recipes you will also be able to find my recommended eateries on this website. This website will definitely prove to be a food heaven for you.

Rana Arsalan

Arsalan- flavornfun

Creative Head

I read somewhere that you can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. That is what inspired me to start this platform with a team of passionate individuals who share a love of food and zest for life. A place where food meets passion and skill, and where cooking is both child like joy and adult fun, I have tried to elevate eating to a sublime experience meant to be shared and treasured. So pull out an apron or just sit back and enjoy while we take you on endlessly delicious journey.


Shehzil Raza (Contributor)

My name is Shehzil Raza. Being a true Lahori, it is literally impossible to stay away from food. I developed my interest in cooking back in the school days. When cooking class was mandatory, boy only if I knew this class will be embedded in me for good! Now being an artist and working throughout the day I only seek comfort through food and of course food that comes with quality.

Ramsha Khan (Contributor)

Hi my name is Ramsha and I am a huge foodaholic and i just love to cook every kind of food whether it is English continental desi or Chinese. I simply love to discover variation in food.