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We are not chefs but we share a love of cooking. We believe food can and should be a fun and engaging topic for everyone. We felt that starting a website would let us share our delectable finds with you, and maybe inspire you to create something good in your own kitchen. For those who don’t like to cook or don’t really get time to cook, they can visit our website to find famous and top eateries in Lahore. Our reviews will definitely help you in deciding what and where to eat.

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For any dish that you want to make, you'll find tons of recipes online so why should you opt for ours?
Well the answer is that online recipes that look good might not always result in a great taste.
You only get to know the real worth of it once you try it.
Also if you are not successful in making a perfect dish from that recipe, you might lose hope and give up on cooking.
Now you don’t need to worry as we have methodically tested the recipes. We don’t publish a new recipe until we’re satisfied that it’s the tastiest version out there, and we’re constantly updating our old recipes with new techniques and improvements based on further testing and reader suggestions.
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After thorough research we have compiled a collection of tried tested recipes that you will surely love. As quarantine has turned many of us into chefs, our recipes will be a definite treat in this uncertain time.
Bread PizzaBy AyeshaEasy Bread Pizza Ready In 5 Minutes
Gajar Ka HalwaBy adminA MUST HAVE dessert in winters!! Relish your winters with this lip smacking hot halwa which can be prepared in approximately 30 minutes. Gajar ka halwa is a popular sweet made in Pakistan during winters. It is served on festivals like Eid or family dinners as a perfect dessert.
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